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Spray Skirts for your Hobie Island !                                         

Spray Skirt Set for the Adventure or Tandem Island

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   These Spray skirts are a really great invention dreamed up, engineered and constructed by Kayaking Bob in Maui.


    When you get your island out sailing fast or in rougher water, you'll notice that the swell can get higher than the front aka (or the ama or nose may bury creating the same situation). When that happens the Aka, and x-bar, going through the swell can create a firehose effect.

   Without the spray skirts your option for continuing to enjoy the experiece, as the adventure gets to a higher level. is to have a warm waterwear covering like a Wetsuit or SrayTop.

   But with the Spray Skits installed... The majority of the water is knocked down before it impacts the aka/x-bar making for a huge difference in the enjoyment of rougher water sailing.

   As an example, I made two Tandem Island sailing trips down the Volcano Coast from Pohiki to Punaluu, one in 2011 and the 2nd in 2012.

    On the first trip (2011) I did not have the Spray Skirts and it was the normal high wind conditions, 20-30mph tailwind, running straight downwind at higher speeds. surfing large swells.Tthe whole front of the boats was occasionally burying and just torturing the front passenger relentlessly. Even with a wetsuit we traded positions at times so each of us got to spend some time away from the man directing the firehose.

   And the 2nd trip... Not quite as big a swell but still sailiing fast, surfing waves, downswell. If you've spent time on the TI, you know that the front person is contantly getting sprayed in these conditions. And to my amazement the front person was actually enjoying a drier ride than I was in the back.

    Such a simple upgrade can take the experience from a shivering cold adventure to warm and relaxing contentment...


     For more info or to reserve your Spray Skirt Set send us an Email or call (808) 880-1400