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Hawaii Kayak Fishing Videos                                         

Kayak Fishing Video

Kayak Fishing the Kona Coast DVD $17.95

Mahi Madness DVD $17.95

Beast of the Reef DVD $17.95

Box set (all three DVDs) $42.95  







     Steve Huesser is our one of the most experienced and successful Kayak Fisherman in Hawaii. He's spent many hours with a helmet cam capturing exciting footage that's he's assembled together in these three DVDs.

     Besides showing a variety of big ones being landed you'll get some valuable lessons on tackle set up, where to find the fish and a variety of other information that's much easier to learn watching from the comfort of your living room than spending hundreds of hours in the hot sun.

     Not to worry, you'll get in those hot kayak/fishing hours but with the info contained in the video those hours might be a bit more fun filled, getting towed around by a potential dinner, rather than chalking up another hot, but dinner scarce, lesson.

     His first production. Kayak Fishing the Kona Coast has a good variety of hookups and instruction.

    His 2nd DVD Mahi Madness is geared toward the offshore species, Mahi, Ono and Sailfish.

    Beasts of the Reef is his newest release and gives a good look at catching Ulua and the other near shore species.

     For more info or to purchase your Kayak Fishing Video send us an Email or call (808) 880-1400