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Polyethylene Repair Kits

Polyethylene Weld Kit [CALL]

Shipping [CALL], anywhere in the US for all the weld kits, including the Combo Kit


     The plastic kayaks are pretty durable but someday if you should develop a leak it can be repaired with a small propane torch or other heat source and some polyethylene (plastic) material. "See below for repair instructions"


    The Polyethylene Weld Kit (on left) contains plenty of repair polyethylene cut into narrow strips, a couple larger pieces for larger repairs, sandpaper and directions. Specify kayak color or you'll get a mix or colors.


     Hint: At some point kayaks spending too much time in the direct sun will become UV'd enough that the plastic will be brittle and start cracking. You may repair it but when it becomes brittle enough, it will continue to crack over and over again. The solution is to get a new kayak and keep it stored out of the direct sun as much as possible.

     Bring us a leaking kayak and we'll pressure test it, find the leak and repair it (if it's repairable) for a [CALL] minimum charge. However, we won't repair UV'd brittle kayaks that we feel will soon be cracking again ....


    We ship these weld kits all over the U.S. For the Poly Weld Kit, the combo kit or the Rec Repair Kit it's usually just [CALL] shipping, USPS priority mail, anywhere in the US.

     To order your repair kit send us an Email or call 808 880-1400 We can accept M/C or Visa and shipping usually takes just 3-5 days

Repairing Plastic (Polyethylene) kayaks with a propane torch

     First you need to acquire some polyethylene plastic or order our polyehtylene Weld Kit. A mini propane torch works best since it's easier to control the heat but a standard propane torch (plumbing repair type) can also work if you keep the flame low.

     For smaller repairs I like to cut the plastic weld material into narrow strips so it's easy to heat and apply like a welding rod.   

     For doing longer cracks or larger holes, use one piece of material and cut it sized to cover the entire damaged area.

    Rough up the area with sand paper 80-120 grit prior to welding as well as in between welds if you've allowed it to cool.

    Work in a shaded area. Out in the sun it's very hard to see how much flame is being applied.

     If you've got extra repair material it usually pays dividends to do little test repair, melting one piece of repair plastic to another just so you know how fast it melts and how they bond together

     Most important: Heat the repair plastic more than the kayak itself. You would like the repair plastic to fully melt but not fully melt the kayak for obvious reasons. I usually heat the repair plastic first (especially with the narrow welding rod plastic) and get it melting then apply it to the kayak heating both together making sure not to overheat/melt the kayak itself. After allowing the repair to cool, sand or surform excess plastic 

    Most people are more interested in making the repair waterproof than making it look perfect. If you're repairing a crack and the finished look matters greatly to you, use a dremel type tool to cut a vee along the crack. Fill in the vee with welding rod plastic strips. Sand or sureform any excess for a smooth finish......